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2023 'PLAY' solo exhibition


Solo Exhibition

Martin Browne Contemporary

15 Hampden Street Paddington Sydney

Exhibition Dates: 

25 May - 17 June

Exhibition Opening:

Saturday 27 May 2-5pm

Exhibition Link:

Click here

Within this exhibition I explore the concept of 'Play' through the medium of still life oil painting. 'Play' is a collection of paintings in which I use flowers, textiles, and vessels as metaphors for classic childhood games. I hope that by juxtaposing these everyday objects as games, I will be able to create a visual representation of the playful spirit that we often lose touch with as adults. Too often we get caught up in the minutiae of our everyday lives, and we forget to take a step back and enjoy ourselves as a result. With my paintings, I hope to inspire viewers to embrace their inner child and find joy in the simple things, in our daily tasks, in our workplaces, and with our friends and family members. 


The compositions in each of my paintings are made from home-grown flowers combined with vessels and textiles that I have collected over the years and transformed them into playful compositions. As an example, you may see that portions of fabric are used to represent a snake, and stripes on another fabric are used to represent the rungs of a ladder. Another playful example is vessels & flora constructed to resemble a jenga tower. These paintings are fun compositions of games which when played as an adult, bring out our inner child.


Overall, my exhibition is a celebration of playfulness and creativity. I hope that my paintings will inspire viewers to approach their own lives with a sense of whimsy, fun and imagination, and to not forget the importance of play in our daily lives. 

2023 'MOTHERLAND' online release


Online release


170 Abbotsford Street North Melbourne

Exhibition Dates: 

16 April 2023 6pm AEST

Exhibition link:

Click here

I recently returned home to my motherland in search of inspiration for this mothers day landscape collection. I embarked on a journey to explore my homeland with a focus on capturing the unique beauty of New Zealand's terrain, particularly the way in which precariously perched houses cling to the hillside. I sort out to depict the complex layers of the rolling hills & steep streets.


From soaring snowy mountain ranges to rolling hills, dramatic coastlines to tranquil bays, New Zealand offers an endless array of stunning views.

These paintings are about connecting with my roots and exploring the natural beauty of my homeland.  

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