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EMPERUER (Group Show)


14 December 2017

Scout House, Melbourne

(Sold Out)

To be a king and wear a crown is a thing more glorious to them that see it than it is pleasant to them that bear it.” – Elizabeth l

Brand new works by Ceramic Artist Bridget Bodenham and Melbourne Painter Sam Michelle.

12_17 EMPEREUR 'Hydrangeas, Peonies & Kangaroo Paw' 45x65cm $1,795
12_17 EMPEREUR 'King Protea & Crown' 38x38cm $1,195
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Magnolia & Mini Cumquats' 103x83cm $2,995
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Magnolia & Spotty Mug' 45x35cm $1,195
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Proteas, Banksia & Vessels' 45x45cm $1,395
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Peonies, Crown & Spots' 43x38cm $1,195
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Mini Cumquats Collection & Cloth' 43x53cm $1,595
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Nuts, Magnolia & Royal Vessel' 43x38cm $1,195
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Farm Life, Still Life' 55x45cm $1,595
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Kings & Queens' 70x70cm $2,495
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Blues & Tans' 33x33cm $995
12_17 EMPEREUR 'Lambs Ears & Stripes' 43x33cm $1,095



11th Oct - Nov 12th 2017

Gallerysmith, Melbourne

(Sold Out)

"Sam Michelle is a Melbourne painter whose intimate paintings make a strong impact. Her new series, The Cloth Collection, is inspired by the gathering of flowers, ceramics and her growing collection of textiles.
Sam Michelle is among a younger generation of artists whose works engage both emerging and established collectors. They have featured widely in print and online and the demand for her work is high. 

08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Magnolias, Peonies & Pinks' 63x48cm$1,995
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Hydrangeas & Pinks' 63x58cm $2,395
08_17 The Cloth Collection, 'Camilleas & Spots' 63x63cm $2,495'
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Peonies & Drapery' 63x48cm $1,795
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Cumquats & Blues' 63x63cm $2,495
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Camilleas & Stripes' 63x58cm $2,395
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Bouquet & Cloth' 63x53cm $2,295
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Blue Hydrangea Bouquet' 63x53cm $2,295
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Burgundy & Cloth' 63x48cm$1,995
08_17 The Cloth Collection 'Cloth & Blues' 63x48cm



1st Sep - 11th Sep 2017

KAB Gallery, Terrigal

(Sold Out)

"While the perennially popular subject of still life typically depicts various inanimate objects, Sam Michelle’s eye for detail and talented brush makes her work unique. Sam Michelle will be bringing together her love of floral bouquets and collected vessels for her newest series of still
life paintings. While Sam Michelle is no stranger to the genre of still life, this new thematic series presented exclusively at KAB Gallery is new and unseen. The series features a unique and sophisticated coastal palette depicting her favourite things. Audiences will enjoy “the little
things” such as Sam Michelle’s personal collection of contemporary ceramic vessels, trinkets and exquisite floral arrangements".

07_17 'Brown Vase & Dashes' 43x43cm $895
07_17 'Gum, Vessels & Shell' 58x48cm $1,195 Sam Michelle
07_17 'Cloth, Both 1Sides, Dining Table'  103x113cm $2,995
07_17 'Lemons & Cloth' 103x83cm $2,695
07_17 'Cloth, Both Sides, Coffee Table' 43x33cm $795
07_17 'Blue Cloth & Bouquet' 53x53cm $995
07_17 'Beach Still Life' 58x48cm $1,195
07_17 'Camellias & Hydrangas' 43x43cm $895
07_17 'Hydrangeas & Pastel' 29x21 $495
07_17 'Magnolia & Peach' 37x29cm $695
07_17 'Peonies & Yellow' 40x40 $845
07_17 'Peony & Purple' 27x27cm $495
07_17 'Magnolias & Shell' 38x38cm $845
07_17 'Blues & Blossoms; 41x36cm $795



19th July - 30th July 2017

Saint Cloche, Paddington

(Sold Out)

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To visit Saint Cloche - Click Here

"Sam Michelle is a New Zealand born artist who has lived in Melbourne since 2001. Painting from her Mornington studio, Sam draws inspiration from music, art and interiors that give her a sense of joy. Sam is interested in how this occurs in art, and how content and colour can trigger memories or simply a feeling within. 

Flourish explores her love of the still life genre, combining a warm, soft colour palette with her love of ceramics, flowers, textiles and paint. Sam aims for her works to elicit a strong feeling of calmness or a sudden beautiful moment of nostalgia.

After Sam’s sell out success as part of the Life Still group show at Saint in November 2016, Flourish will be Sam’s highly anticipated first solo show"

'Turquoise & Cloth' 59x49cm $1,295
'Peach Still Life' 83x93cm $2,195
'Banksia & Water Lillies' 78x88cm $2,095
#sammichelleflourish 'Clippings & Cloth' 123x103cm
'Cumquats & Cloth' 40x40cm
'Purple & Proteas' 53x53cm
'Pastels & Stripes' 53x53cm
'Magnolia & Stripes' 46x36cm, part of my FLOURISH exhibition, finishing at _saint_cloche on Sunday �
'Bathroom, Anna Spiro' 71x58cm $1,795
'Hydrangeas & Lambs Ears' 53x53cm $995 (white frame)
'White Proteas' 43x33cm $795
'Pink Spoon & Bubbles' 40x40cm $845
'Water Lillies' 29x22cm $495
'Ficus Lyrita' 29x22cm $495
'Blue Hydrangeas' 29x22cm $495
'Peony' 43x33cm $795
'Pink Mug' 27x27cm $495
'Magnolia & Bubbles' 27x27cm $545
'Pink Hydrangeas' 29x22cm $495
'Tetra Nuts & Turquoise' 78x88 $2,095
'Reading Nook' 50x40cm $995
'Pink Spoon & Bubbles' 40x40cm $845
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