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2024 'Half Full' solo exhibition


Solo exhibition


170 Abbotsford Street North Melbourne

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Exhibition Dates: 

1 February - 2 March 2024

'At the forefront of Australian contemporary Still Life, Sam Michelle celebrates abundance and human creativity within her practice. Michelle’s bustling compositions breathe life into the inanimate through colour, staging and poised brushstrokes. Her works are grounded in tradition, yet flourish into their own with playful wit and discerning discourse exploring creative culture.

Bursting with blooms and beautiful objects, a revelry in pleasures, and the ephemeral nature of life exists within these works. Michelle subverts a traditional interpretation of such beauty, as these objects do not simply showcase vanity for vanity’s sake. The blooms within these paintings are nurtured and grown by Michelle in her home garden. A collaboration with earth and weather, time and nature, these flowers are representative of personal passion, learning, and toil. There is a humble awe towards nature in the selection, cultivation, harvest, and arrangement of flora.

Michelle’s bouquets are nestled within a collection of ornate and tactile vessels. Her ever-growing collection of vases form the foundation of playful staging. Rustic hand-built ceramics contrast against blown glass globes and tubes which are skilfully stacked and nested. Rhythmically placed by Michelle’s expert hand, the vessels support both order and chaos. Their stoic presence underpins compositions of lively extravagance and austere balance.

Half Full sees Michelle weave past and future together, as she reflects upon life from its midpoint. Through colour, she contemplates the turning point of an abundant existence. Nostalgic and hopeful, these paintings are imbued with optimism and joy'. GALLERYSMITH

2024 'Rapunzels Garden' 


Martin Browne Contemporary

Aotearoa Art Fair 

New Zealand

Exhibition Dates: 

18 April - 21 April

Viaduct Events Centre Auckland NZ

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'The concept of Rapunzels Garden was to create a wonderful imaginary world to escape in, particularly during the current times we are living. I am drawn to the story of Rapunzel, how she was effectively being held back for the personal gain of her presumed 'mother' and the adventure of escape to find her personal story.


In seeking out a residence to plan this body of work I wanted to spend time somewhere with a feeling of magic and wonder. I couldn't go past Beechmont which is hidden within the fertile hills of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. The property is owned by one of Australias legends of floristry & events and one of my personal creative inspirations, Cherrie Miriklis owner of Flowers Vasette. The property boasts 10 acres of magical gardens along with a beautiful home you are able to hire. The property has an incredible variety of trees, shrubs and flowers. Staff from Flowers Vasette travel to the property to snip blooms for their store so I have always been keen to visit and experience the gardens.


The compositions within Rapunzels Garden include the very special rhododendrons situated on the property (which was previously owned by the president of the rhododendron society so the varieties on the property are very unique, rare and long established). A large part of the story of Rapunzel is her hair and within the compositions Rapunzels hair is represented by fabric which connects the grid of paintings. Being a Melbourne Based kiwi, I like to include nods to Aotearoa in my work. Within Rapunzels Garden you will see some of my favourite NZ natives such as kowhai, silver fern, kaka beak, mount cook buttercup, toe toe and some NZ fruits and birds on display within the arrangements'. SAM MICHELLE

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