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Online Exhibition October 29th


October 29th


"The idea for this series was sparked whilst Sam was reading an article on cloth in a recent copy of Belle. The article talked about tartan and tradition, and as you all know, Sam has a love of fabric and design, so it was the perfect storm. Sam began to have visions of incorporating this exciting fabric with its rich history into her work. So this new series includes botanical still life works with tartan cloth and country landscapes around her studio. It even includes one or two paintings with horses draped in tartan rugs!"

sam michelle 'country white waratahs & g
sam michelle 'country proteas & cloth' 1
sam michelle 'country magnolias & cloth'
sam michelle ‘country grevillea caleyi’
sam michelle 'country tulips & orchids'
sam michelle 'country blossoms & hydrang
sam michelle 'tartan rug' 29x25cm 2019
sam michelle 'country gate' 48x48cm 2019
sam michelle 'country proteas & produce'
sam michelle 'country orchids, banksia &
sam michelle 'country blossoms & passion
sam michelle 'country gum blossoms & clo
sam michelle 'country gum blossoms & gre
sam michelle 'country camellias' 63x68cm


Online Exhibition July 30th


July 30th 


This collection was inspired by Sam's reccent trip to Christchurch. As a NZ born artist, Sam was excited to return in search of inspiration which she knew wouldn't be hard to find. During her travels, Sam started seeing sculptural personalities within the landscape, prompting her to bring landscape elements into her still life compositions. Throughout the collection you will notice in her vessels, textiles and flora, a nod to all things New Zealand.

sam michelle 'water lilies, hydrangas &
sam michelle 'kowhai & sculptures' 38x38
sam michelle 'sculptures, dahlias & anem
sam michelle 'hydrangeas, sculptures & p
sam michelle 'lily, poplar trees & sculp
sam michelle 'protea, tea & pohutukawa'
sam michelle 'honey magnolia & pohutukaw
sam michelle 'apple, kowhai & peonies' d
sam michelle 'hydrangea, kowhai & sculpt
sam michelle 'hills, olives & ivy' 88x73
sam michelle 'mountains, olives & sculpt
sam michelle 'manuka flower & honey & sc
sam michelle 'hills & trees' 38x28cm 201
sam michelle 'hills, houses & water' 58x
sam michelle 'hills, houses & bus' 58x48
sam michelle 'hills & houses' 53x53cm 20
sam michelle 'hills, trees & rocks' 38x3
sam michelle 'farm & hill' 48x48cm 2019.
sam michelle 'hills & farming shed' 38x3


(Exhibition April 6th - April 27th)


6th April - 27th April 


The next exhibition of Sams work, 'The Peony Portrait Collection' will be April 2019 at Sams gallery, Gallerysmith in North Melbourne. This exhibition has a special focus on Peonies & Matisse, both strong inspirations of Sams. This collection sees gestural, interactive peonies and beautiful nods to the great Matisse with colour & pattern.

There will be a VIP preview at 1pm on Saturday 6th April, please email Jess if you would like to attend. Then the formal opening will be 2-4pm. Please also email Jess if you are not yet on the wait/information email list.

Sam Michelle 'Peonies, Waratahs & Giant
Sam Michelle 'Peony Portraits' 2019 68x6
Sam Michelle 'Peonies, Natives & Cyclame
Sam Michelle 'Ivy, Textiles & Peonies' 2
Sam Michelle 'Peonies, Paw & Toile De Jo
Sam Michelle 'Peonies, Protea & Dahlias'
Sam Michelle 'Coral Peonies & Hydrangea'
Sam Michelle 'Red Peonies' 2019 43x48cm.
Sam Michelle 'Red Charm Peony & Daffodil
Sam Michelle 'Red Charm Peonies' 2019 68
Sam Michelle 'Peonies in Monstera Vase'
Sam Michelle 'Peony Buds & King Protea'
Sam Michelle 'Peony Bud & Magnolia' 2019
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Blue' 2019 47x42
Sam Michelle 'Peonies, Water Lilies & Da
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Ivy' 2019 33x27c
Sam Michelle 'Peonies, Parakeet & The Me
Sam Michelle 'Peonies on a Table' 2019 5
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & The Toile De Jou
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Props' 2019 83x5
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Print' 2019 47x4
Sam Michelle 'Sarah Bernhardt Peonies' 2
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Echinacea' 2019
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Pink' 2019 33x27
Sam Michelle' Peonies, Flowering Gum & W
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Magnolia' 2019 6
Sam Michelle 'Peonies & Fruit' 2019 47x4
Sam Michelle 'Magnolias, Peonies & Ivy'
Sam Michelle 'Coral Peonies' 2019 38x38c
Sam Michelle 'Ivy & Nude' 2019 27x33cm
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